Our Community

A world class Montessori School, located in Aurora, IL – is an educational institution and resource center for families with children from 6 weeks to 9 years old. We provide a full range of resources to help families prepare for a new child and for the education of young children.


The Cosmic Montessori Community Programs emphasize: inner-guidance, freedom of self-directed learning, aesthically pleasing environments, indirect teaching through modeling and observation, feeding the child’s absorbent mind, focusing on structured work and play, and using multi-age grouping to enrich the learning experience.


Montessori classrooms, in general, comprise an environment of learning and an aesthetic atmosphere. In our environment, pedagogical materials are offered to enhance the educational experience through sensorial, creative, and academic resources. Based on her observations, Maria Montessori designed a number of multi-sensory, sequential, and self-correcting materials to facilitate learning.