Our Community


Cosmic Montessori School is a unique community of educators. We represent a variety of cultures that have come together to create an ideal place for exploration, constructive experiences, movement, discovery, communication, and friendship. Our campus is very proud of all of our ‘Green’ efforts, we aim to be paperless, use organic cleaning supplies, have an organic garden in our outdoor community and will continue to expand our efforts. We also provide healthy snacks and have an optional hot lunch for all of our students cooked fresh on-site. We are a community which believes that education involves the entire family. In order to achieve our and your goals for your child, Cosmic Montessori School helps parents, friends and family develop environments geared towards learning, reinforcing lessons and activities practiced during the child’s school day. We achieve this by focusing on these principles:
      • Children take a natural pleasure in learning to master their environment
      • This mastery is the basis of the sense of competence necessary for independence
      • Real learning involves the ability to do things for oneself, not the passive reception of a body of knowledge
      • School must be part of the community and involve the parents if education is to be effective.

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