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In Math, Cosmic Montessori School uses didactic materials to initiate each new concept. We proceed from the concrete presentations to semi-concrete presentations, on to activities that lead to abstract mastery. Throughout our Math program, your child is exposed to concrete building at one level and abstract mastery at another. Many diverse activities, games, and variations play an important part in capturing and sustaining your child’s interests.

The math curriculum includes:

  • Numeration One to Ten
  • The Decimal System (the knowledge of quantity, the knowledge of symbols, association of quantity and symbol, and additional concepts).
  • Numeration beyond Ten
  • Decimal System Operations
  • Exercises for the memorization of addition
  • Exercises for the memorization of subtraction
  • Exercises for the memorization of multiplication
  • Exercises for the memorization of division
  • Fractions (Introduction to the Concept of Fraction, Numerator and Denominator, Equivalences, Addition with same Denominator)


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