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Outdoor Environment

Every inch of outdoor space is efficiently utilized to provide efficient play and exercise venue for the children. The Garden Playground provides the children a nature setting for outdoor reflection that includes flowers and plants that attract butterflies and birds. Specifically designed outdoor spaces are designed for children two years and older, and provide space for enrichment activities for children to develop their gross motor skills such as balance beam and general play times. We also offer extensive green areas, allowing children to connect with nature.

Our outdoor and indoor spaces are based on Maria Montessori’s “Children’s House.” Young children learn best in a homelike setting, filled with developmentally appropriate materials that provide experiences contributing to the growth of self motivated, independent learners.  We are also proud of the organic garden the school built in 2011, which the children actively participate in caring for.  The garden provides us with vegetables we use in healthy snacks throughout the warmer months.

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