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The Purpose Of Cosmic Curriculum

The purpose of our Curriculum

Cosmic Montessori Curriculum helps develop the intellectual, personal, emotional and social skills to live, learn, and work in a rapidly globalizing world. Our curriculum aims to ensure that all children develop the knowledge, skills and attributes that they will need if they are to flourish in life, now and in the future. By learning these skills the students will be able to go anywhere in the world having received an extraordinary international montessori education.

1. Individualized Instruction

Learning starts with the child. Our Montessori teachers’ observe the child’s interests and
abilities and create an environment in which these can “ourish. An integral part of our
Montessori curriculum is that the teacher must respect and follow the child. The
teacher’s ability to be e!ective in this role is enhanced by the extended three-year
relationship they will develop and possibly started in younger programs within our

2. The Prepared Environment

In a Montessori classroom, concrete materials that enhance and explain what they are
studying surround the children. Our extensive Montessori curriculum allows the
children in our program to discover, learn, and research at their own pace and in a hands
on environment. Students are able to begin critical thinking at an early age, and our
teachers’ carefully prepared lesson plans facilitate the child’s use of the di!erent Montessori


3. Multi-Age Grouping

Every child works at his or her own level. Younger children learn through the observation
of older children. Older children reinforce their own learning by helping younger
children. Older children also have opportunities to develop leadership skills while serving
as role models for the younger children. Cooperation and social responsibility are
encouraged and a strong community develops.


4. Integrated Curriculum

Our Montessori curriculum nourishes a sense of order. The curriculum is organized into
a spiral of integrated studies, rather than a traditional model in which the curriculum is
compartmentalized. The course of study uses an integrated, thematic approach that ties
the separate disciplines of the curriculum together into studies of the physical universe,
the world of nature, and the human experience. Language Arts, Mathematics, Science,
History, and Fine Arts all compliment one another. This integrated approach is one of
Montessori’s great strengths.


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