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Toddler Program Curriculum Overview

  • Our nurturing Toddler program is based on solid research on early childhood education and child development.
  • Toddlers explore their rich classroom environments, building speech and language skills, practical life skills, and fine and gross motor skills.
  • Our creative Montessori Toddler curriculum promotes language and cognitive development. Hands-on learning materials and classes in Spanish, art, music and movement are designed to meet the developmental needs of toddlers.
  • Toddlers “fly up” from our program confident and well prepared for the transition to Children’s House preschool at the next level.
  • Extra care hours are offered for Toddler House students through our Extended Day Child Care program.


The most important language materials for a toddler are the materials and experiences in the child’s environment. Reinforcing the importance of verbal communication, speaking clearly, and supporting the child’s expanding vocabulary are a daily process in the toddler environment. For the toddler, written language is experienced through the adult’s oral reading and story time.
•    Matching cards
•    Vocabulary cards
•    Stories read aloud
•    Size and shape discrimination exercises
•    Picture-word cards

•    Tracing objects
•    Tracing shapes

Word recognition
•    Sandpaper letters
•    Isolating initial sounds

•    Sandbox tracing


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