Early Elementary

Montessori Elementary Accelerated Program

The scientific design of our elementary curriculum easily addresses the needs of advanced and struggling students alike. Students can enjoy accelerated studies in biology, animal classification, anatomy/physiology, geometry, physics, chemistry, mathematics, literature and fine arts. These studies are designed to foster organization, leadership and presentation skills. This program is for children ages 6 to 9 years, which includes grades 1st – 3rd.  Our students have individualized work plans to allow them to use time effectively and to make responsible choices with great pride in their learning. In addition to traditional academics, our school focuses on the development of valuable life skills. Our Montessori method encourages the cultivation of skills needed to select, plan and implement steps along the way to accomplishing a goal.

Areas of Study:

  • Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • History
  • Fine Arts
  • Cooking Program
  • Physical Education/Health Program
  • Spanish/Second Language Program
  • Technology

Program Highlights:

  • Weekly lesson plans provided
  • Password protected website for parents to access pictures, videos, classroom news
  • Parent/Teacher conferences twice a year
  • Portfolio of students work and growth
  • Nutritional snacks and organic lunches offered
  • Monthly field studies develop exploration and “real world” experiences
  • Classroom ration 1:10 teacher/student

Please contact us for further details and a tour, (630)585-8881 or info@cosmicmontessoricommunity.org