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Toddler Program

The Montessori Toddler Program is designed for children ages 15 to 36 months. This period in a child’s life is a time of immense activity and discovery as the child investigates their world and, most importantly, learns to form their own opinions.

Development during this period focuses on learning to be independent. Our corresponding education environment supports this natural drive, enabling the child to become competent and confident. At Cosmic Montessori School we recognize each child’s need for autonomy during this unique period and allow for long periods of discussion and experimentation so that they can formulate a hypothesis, test it repeatedly, and arrive at a logical conclusion.

The toddler classrooms are designed so that the child can freely explore, choose, and replace materials in an orderly fashion. Our Montessori Toddler program focuses on intellectual, physical, sensory and artistic education with a great sensitivity to language, spatial relationships, music, art, social graces and more.

Program Highlights:

  • Monthly lesson plans provided
  • Toilet Training
  • Password protected website for parents to access pictures, videos, classroom news
  • Parent/Teacher conferences twice a year
  • Portfolio of students work and growth
  • Nutritional snacks and organic lunches offered
  • Classroom ration 1:5 teacher/student
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