Silvia Dei Rossi

Executive Director of Cosmic Montessori School, Aurora IL 60504.
Silvia Dei Rossi, M.S., brings over 16 years of Montessori teaching experience to her work as a founder and director of Cosmic Montessori School, an International Education for Life. A graduate with a master degree in Business Economics, Silvia holds Montessori certification for age’s birth to 6 years and has taught in infant and toddlers, preschool and kindergarten programs. She has carried her passion for Montessori throughout the international community as workshop presenter to a number of schools and convention in the U.S., as a teacher trainer, as a parent educator, and as a teacher in the lab school. She has traveled widely for her work and has visited Italy, England, Malaysia and Indonesia to participate in early childhood education academic exchange. Silvia’s goal of education is to provide an educational environment where children develop to their full potentials.

Parents have said:

“Ms. Silvia successfully designs programs for a wide age range of students and instills confidence in each child.”