Recognizable Montessori Alumni

Infant Room Testimonial

We LOVE Cosmic and all the teachers, I will honestly say I have interviewed/toured about 15+ schools in Aurora, Naperville, North Aurora, Batavia and the baby room and its teachers in Cosmic are simply the BEST! I have never ever before received such detailed reports from teachers, never seen a nicer baby room and such lively, energetic and fun teachers! They have made things so convenient for us as parents. I love the fact that how easy is to communicate with you via emails and just how loving and accommodating you all are! I wish I knew about Cosmic when Neil/Leo were just born. We had some bad experiences with baby rooms at other places.

Infant & Toddler Room Testimonial

I just wanted to write you a quick thank you to you and your teachers for such a smooth transition. Kaelyn is very happy there and is always excited to go to school. I am also very excited that Alyssa had such a good first day. I really appreciated the call Ms Krystine made this afternoon to tell me how Alyssa was doing. (I was only thinking about her the entire morning!!) And I was also very happy to hear that Kaelyn made a couple of visits to check on Alyssa. Those may seem like little things but those mean a lot to Rick and I. I am really excited to get to know your staff more and to see the progression my girls will make under your program.Thanks again for such a wonderful start.

Toddler Room Testimonial

Thank you so much for allowing Ariya’s first school experience to be such a wonderful experience! She truly loves school and all the activities and songs. Than you for your enthusiasm and kindness.I can only hope her new school will be just as fun. I know she will miss Miss Hanane and Miss Ayten dearly. Take care.

Toddler & 3-6 Room Testimonial

Dear Montessori Staff,
Thank you so much for the countless ways you have educated and nurtured Timmy & Lizzy this year! We appreciate everything you’ve done to help each of them socially and academically!

3-6 Room Testimonial

Thank you for your involvement with Addepon. Even in the short time you have been here I have already seen a wonderful impact from you. The room is beautiful and I see your focus and vision for the children. Addy bonded with you quickly. We will miss being parts of Cosmic.

3-6 Room Testimonial

I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful care and learning environment you have provided my son. You are a beautiful and warm person and all the kids who attend Cosmic Montessori are truly blessed to be in your presence. Talyn and I will miss you and we wish you the very best always. please stay in touch and visit us in cali.

Parent Testimonial #7

Both of my boys go to Cosmic Montessori, they have been there for about 6 months now and we are very pleased. It’s a caring community of teachers and students. I’ve had my children involved in Montessori since 15 months old and one is 2 yrs and one is 4 yrs. We love the philosophy!